Re: Java in OS?

Kai Henningsen (
21 May 1996 00:52:00 +0200

TaRDiS@Mail.UTexas.EDU (lilo) wrote on 16.05.96 in <19960516111728.15117.qmail@Mail.UTexas.EDU>:

> On 14 May 1996, Kai Henningsen wrote:
> > There's one "interpreted" executable format that we could probably support
> > right now: the MS-DOS .EXE format. We'd need to invoke dosemu as
> > "interpreter".
> That's pretty seriously flawed, unless they've done more with dosemu that I
> realize. Essentially what happens is you end up booting up a DOS system
> each time you find a DOS .EXE file that needs executing....

That seems to be how other OSs that implement this feature seem to do it.

MfG Kai