Re: Alan's bug catalogue

Olaf Erb (
31 May 1996 15:11:26 GMT

In article <4ojt5a$>,
Olaf Erb <> wrote:
>Maybe that's the same: sendmail (8.7.5) hangs while connect() with no
>timer running (pre7, 8, 9):
>tcp 0 0
>SYN_SENT myself off (0.00/0)

Another followup to this:

Today I ran sendmail -q, did a quick netstat -to and the timer was running,
somewhere at 0.24. The next netstat -to showed the above behavior, maybe
the first SYN got lost, I don't know.. There was no tcpdump running this
time :(
I can't believe noone else is experiencing this? There wasn't any message
about this problem here..


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