Kernel math prob? or other problem? (fwd)

James L. McGill (
Tue, 27 Jun 1995 21:36:49 -0600 (GMT-0600)

I only slightly suspect this to be a kernel related issue, but I think
it is likely enough to post to the kernel list. At least you can tell
me if it is relevant.

I run a web server that generates a lot of traffic, and I use the
'wwwstat' program, which is a perl script that parses the ncsa httpd
logfiles to summarize.

Every time I attempt to run the program against my data, it gets about
1/3 of the way through, and aborts with a "Floating Point Exception".

Now, is that fp exception at the system level? Or is it Perl itself
telling me?

This is running on a 486dx4/100, 16 MB Ram+32M swap, and we've gotten
the same results with various kernels 1.2.x (up to .8) I'm building
1.2.11 right now to try it.

For the purpose of sanity checking, I ran the same data, same script,
same perl version on a sun sparc 5, 16 MB Ram+32M swap, and the script
completed successfully.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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