Re: Printer on fire - I feel like an idiot

Uwe Bonnes (
Tue, 19 Nov 1996 13:22:23 +0100

"Marko Siladin" <> wrote:
> But the problem is that my printer was - off-line and that the driver did
> not detect that. Now I understand that there are many printers out there
> and that it is not easy to write an universal driver. But the point is
> that lp did not recognize that my printer was off-line. The pause button
> on the printer is the closest thing I can see to an off-line (except the
> power switch :) )
You can make the check for an off-line printer more carefully with
"tunelp /dev/lpx -c on"

And you can try how my patches for lp.c to use the FIFO on modern boards
behaves in your situation. Your input is welcome. Find it on and read
the README there.

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