2.1.28+Ted's patch - lockup

Fri, 07 Mar 97 01:50:27 +1000

I am running 2.1.28 with Ted's patch for the ptty problems. I have clocked up around 20 hours running on my home machine with this version and it has run mostly OK. However sometime after midnight it locked up solid after about 12 hours of uptime. When I plugged in a monitor (it's a server and doesn't normally need a monitor or keyboard) the screen was blank and would not un-blank.
My system logs don't contain anything that looks at all interesting around the time of the crash, and the system was almost entirely idle at the time of the crash (I believe that only sendmail and rwhod were active at the time).

The system in question has only experienced 2 crashes in the last few months, this incident and a error in free list when running 2.1.26, I believe that the hardware is as good as PC hardware gets (SMC PCI network card with DEC chipset, AMD 586-133, 32meg EDO RAM, IBM 3.2gig ATA drive).

I realise that this incident proves nothing, however if other people have the same problem it might...

Russell Coker