Re: Data corruption with NFS in 2.1.x?

Bill Hawes (
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 15:02:47 -0500

Heinz Ulrich Stille wrote:

> I use two computers: an i486-100 as server, and a pentium-100 as diskless
> workstation. They are connected via 100MBit ethernet cards based on the
> DEC 21140. On the server runs kernel 2.0.3{0-3}; on the workstation I
> tried 2.1.{64-76} and 2.1.80-pre{1,2} (that is, any of 2.1.x that did
> work at all for me).
> I tried to compile gcc- with 'make bootstrap'; after that, 'make
> compare' complained about differing results of the two compile runs. The
> differences are not always in the same files or places.

If you use the cmp utility on two sets of files, what sort of
differences to you note? Are the file lengths different, or only a few
bytes? Is it always certain bits that have changed?

Is this with the unfsd server?

Sounds like an interesting problem -- I'll check it out right away.