Re: 2.1.112 SMP No-go

Linus Torvalds (
29 Jul 1998 05:41:08 GMT

In article <>,
Steven N. Hirsch <> wrote:
>Kernel 2.1.112 hangs at the point where init is normally started. This is
>on a dual PentiumPro box which has worked properly through 2.1.112-pre1
>(didn't try pre-2). Motherboard is an FIC PO-6200 w/ Intel 450GX "Orion"

This is a total brain-fart on my part. Look into the <linux/smp_lock.h>
file, and you'll find an inline function for "lock_kernel()". In that
function, change the "if (lock_depth)" statement to a "if (!lock_depth)"
(ie just add the "!" character to reverse the test). Suddenly
everything works.

This silly thing was that I had fairly extensively tested the new lock
code yesterday with all kinds of extra sanity tests, and then when I
released 2.1.112 I removed the sanity tests and cleaned up the header
file a bit, and the "!" disappeared somewhen during that syntactic


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