Re: Future domain TMC-950 troubles

Alan Cox (
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 12:21:54 +0100 (BST)

> Somewhere between 2.1.99 and 2.1.104 the interrupt stuff was reworked and
> I think a couple of sti/cli things were tuned in seagate.c too. I have a
> jazz16 card which has a TMC850 (I think) scsi chip on it and it hangs on
> boot since then, unable to detect the cdrom. I haven't tried to track it
> down further unfortunately due to lack of time but it would be nice if it
> could be fixed in time for 2.2. I haven't tried anything above .104 on the
> machine btw.

When you try 2.1.11x if you still have a problem also build it from clean
with the SMP=1 in the top Makefile commented out. See if its something
tangled with the SMP code.

Are you using it as a module or not ?

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