Re: Corruption Stats: Suggested Blacklist from the data

Terry L Ridder (
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 11:06:18 -0500

Here is my report on file system corruption.

The guilty party in my guess are the Quantum ST6.5S hard drives.
Working with Leonard N. Zubkoff and trying various tests
does confirm that certain Quantum ST6.5S hard drives have a
problem with Tagged Queuing.

Since disabling Tagged Queuing the computer running Linux-2.1.112
is "playing nice".

Once I hear back from Leonard concerning the BusLogic driver
I will try to enable Tagged Queuing on a drive by drive basis.

BTW, there is an unofficial ROM update for these hard drives.
The worst part of the update is that the drives have to be
totally backed up and low formatted. Since my last Exabyte 8mm 8200
died last weekend, backups are unfortunately on hold. ;(

Terry L. Ridder
Blue Danube Software (Blaue Donau Software)
"We do not write software, we compose it."

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