Re: NTFS partitions show up as OS/2 partitions.

Tim Smith (
Fri, 4 Dec 1998 02:19:58 -0800 (PST)

> > ext2flt.sys) for NTFS. Probably for the same reason that OS/2 does;
> > despite the hype, the innards of NT are still recognizeably based on OS/2
> > 2.0.

That's a common usenet myth, but its completely wrong. The only thing from
OS/2 in NT is code for OS/2 compatibility (NT has an OS/2 subsystem for
running character mode OS/2 1.x programs). (Unless by "innards" you mean
something other than the process handling, thread handling, memory management,
I/O system, file system, graphics system, and security system. :-)).

> Actually, since OS/2 was originally a joint venture, HPFS and NTFS share
> the same core functions. Microsoft just added code to support data
> logging/access control.

NTFS and HPFS are completely different designs, and I've seen no evidence
they share any code. Do you have a reference for that claim?

--Tim Smith

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