Re: [2.6.0-test11]: It doesn't boot with a bootcd

From: Jonathan Fors
Date: Wed Dec 03 2003 - 04:31:54 EST

Are you booting with Lilo? Then you could try to pass the vga=normal parameter to the bootloader in lilo.conf . I'm not sure with Grub, but I bet somebody else here is.

If you let the booting progress continue blind-headed, can you login or wait for X to start? It's possible that the system actually boots, just that you don't see it.


Jin Suh wrote:

With framebuffer option on, it went to out ot range on my monitor shortly after
I see Loading Linux.... and about 10 lines of boot messages (couldn't read the
Without framebuffer option, my monitor goes to a messed-up color right after I
see Loading Linux... and few other lines.


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