RE: [RESEND][PATCH 06/10][SCSI]mpt2sas: For >2TB volumes, DirectDrive support sends IO's with LBA bit 31 to IR FW instead of DirectDrive

From: Elliott, Robert (Server Storage)
Date: Sun Jul 13 2014 - 13:02:45 EST

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> Also, this is not touched by the patch, but you're then doing:
> (*(__be32 *)(&cdb_ptr[i])) = cpu_to_be32(p_lba);
> What if this is a 6-byte READ/WRITE command? You'll end up exceeding the
> size of the LBA field.

All this is inside:
if (cdb0 == READ_16 || cdb0 == READ_10 ||
cdb0 == WRITE_16 || cdb0 == WRITE_10) {

so READ_6 and WRITE_6 and all their oddities are not a problem here.

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