Re: ip_rcv_finish() NULL pointer and possibly related Oopses

From: Shaun Crampton
Date: Wed Aug 26 2015 - 09:01:23 EST

>And the kernel thinks it's
>outside of any normal text section, so it does not try to dump any
>code from before the instruction pointer.
> 0: 48 8b 88 40 03 00 00 mov 0x340(%rax),%rcx
> 7: e8 1d dd dd ff callq 0xffffffffffdddd29
> c: 5d pop %rbp
> d: c3 retq
>Did you write your own module loader or something?

We certainly didn't but CoreOS may have. I've asked CoreOS if they know
what's going on.

Are there any extra diagnostics I can gather from a CoreOS system to help
figure out what's going on there? Is there anything I can do to get more
useful diagnostics when one of these failures occur? As noted, I can
reproduce the issue but it's expensive, requiring hundreds of VMs to
hammer away for an hour or so.

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