Re: [PATCH 2/2] usbnet: Fix a race between usbnet_stop() and the BH

From: Eugene Shatokhin
Date: Fri Aug 28 2015 - 06:42:56 EST

28.08.2015 11:55, BjÃrn Mork ÐÐÑÐÑ:
Eugene Shatokhin <eugene.shatokhin@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

25.08.2015 00:01, BjÃrn Mork ÐÐÑÐÑ:
Eugene Shatokhin <eugene.shatokhin@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

The race may happen when a device (e.g. YOTA 4G LTE Modem) is
unplugged while the system is downloading a large file from the Net.

Hardware breakpoints and Kprobes with delays were used to confirm that
the race does actually happen.

The race is on skb_queue ('next' pointer) between usbnet_stop()
and rx_complete(), which, in turn, calls usbnet_bh().

Here is a part of the call stack with the code where the changes to the
queue happen. The line numbers are for the kernel 4.1.0:

*0 __skb_unlink (skbuff.h:1517)
prev->next = next;
*1 defer_bh (usbnet.c:430)
spin_lock_irqsave(&list->lock, flags);
old_state = entry->state;
entry->state = state;
__skb_unlink(skb, list);
__skb_queue_tail(&dev->done, skb);
if (dev->done.qlen == 1)
spin_unlock_irqrestore(&dev->done.lock, flags);
*2 rx_complete (usbnet.c:640)
state = defer_bh(dev, skb, &dev->rxq, state);

At the same time, the following code repeatedly checks if the queue is
empty and reads these values concurrently with the above changes:

*0 usbnet_terminate_urbs (usbnet.c:765)
/* maybe wait for deletions to finish. */
while (!skb_queue_empty(&dev->rxq)
&& !skb_queue_empty(&dev->txq)
&& !skb_queue_empty(&dev->done)) {
netif_dbg(dev, ifdown, dev->net,
"waited for %d urb completions\n", temp);
*1 usbnet_stop (usbnet.c:806)
if (!(info->flags & FLAG_AVOID_UNLINK_URBS))

As a result, it is possible, for example, that the skb is removed from
dev->rxq by __skb_unlink() before the check
"!skb_queue_empty(&dev->rxq)" in usbnet_terminate_urbs() is made. It is
also possible in this case that the skb is added to dev->done queue
after "!skb_queue_empty(&dev->done)" is checked. So
usbnet_terminate_urbs() may stop waiting and return while dev->done
queue still has an item.

Exactly what problem will that result in? The tasklet_kill() will wait
for the processing of the single element done queue, and everything will
be fine. Or?

Given enough time, what prevents defer_bh() from calling
tasklet_schedule(&dev->bh) *after* usbnet_stop() calls tasklet_kill()?

Consider the following situation (assuming '&&' are changed to '||' in
that while loop in usbnet_terminate_urbs() as they should be):

usbnet_stop() defer_bh() with list == dev->rxq
__skb_unlink() removes the last
skb from dev->rxq.
dev->rxq, dev->txq and dev->done
are now empty.
while (!skb_queue_empty()...)
The loop ends because all 3
queues are now empty.

usbnet_terminate_urbs() ends.

usbnet_stop() continues:
del_timer_sync (&dev->delay);
tasklet_kill (&dev->bh);
__skb_queue_tail(&dev->done, skb);
if (dev->done.qlen == 1)

The BH is scheduled at this point, which is not what was intended. The
race window is small, but still.

I guess you are right. At least I cannot prove that you are not :)

There is a bit too much complexity involved here for me...


Yes, it is quite complex.

I admit, it was easier for me to find the races in usbnet (the tools like KernelStrider and RaceHound do the dirty work) than to analyze their consequences. The latter often requires some time and effort, and so it did this time.

Well, any objections to this patch?



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