[PATCH 00/15] [v3] x86, fpu: XSAVE cleanups and sanity checks

From: Dave Hansen
Date: Mon Aug 31 2015 - 18:21:00 EST

Changes in v3:
* rework XSTATE_* macros using Ingo's suggested naming
* change state size printk to be in decimal
* add some more sanity-checking to detect and work around
an undersized 'xregs_state'
* remove "nr_" from some of the names used.

Changes in v2:
* remove references to Processor Trace XSAVE state
(will defer to another patch set)
* Remove some cruft from last patch
* move last_good_offset fix in to the patch that
introduced it

These patches make some updates to the x86 XSAVE code.

They have been build and boot tested including on hardware
and/or simulators with AVX-512 and MPX. It boots in all
of the tested configurations without hitting any of the
new warnings in this code.

There are basically 5 things going on here:
* removal of the LWP (lightweight profiling) code
* naming and type cleanups
* removal of xfeatures_nr variable
* addition of AVX-512 C structures
* new sanity checks of XSAVE buffer sizing

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