Re: v4.9-rc1: Build and qemu test results (3 build failures, 9 qemu test failures)

From: Stafford Horne
Date: Sun Oct 16 2016 - 08:30:18 EST

On Sat, 15 Oct 2016, Guenter Roeck wrote:

Here are some build and qemu test results for v4.9-rc1.
Details are available at

Build results:
total: 149 pass: 146 fail: 3
Failed builds:

Qemu test results:
total: 110 pass: 101 fail: 9
Failed tests:
mips: malta_defconfig:nosmp
mips: malta_defconfig:smp
mips64: malta_defconfig:nosmp
mips64: malta_defconfig:smp
mipsel: malta_defconfig:nosmp
mipsel: malta_defconfig:smp
mipsel64: malta_defconfig:nosmp
mipsel64: malta_defconfig:smp

For openrisc,

I reproduced this. It seems the fix is a patch you have already posted
for doing `#define __ro_after_init __read_mostly`. Bisected to commit d2ec3f77de8e ("pty: make ptmx file ops read-only
after init").

That patch has not made into into the 4.9 tree it seems. Do you have
a place you can get it in?

The build errors are all due to
ERROR: "irq_set_parent" [drivers/mfd/tps65217.ko] undefined!
Proposed fixes: [1] [2]

The qemu/mips failures are fixed with [3], [4].
The openrisc qemu failure is fixed with [5].