[PATCH 01/12] Documentation/HOWTO: Mark subsection in rst format

From: SeongJae Park
Date: Fri Oct 21 2016 - 11:23:00 EST

Subsections in HOWTO is not marked in rst format. This commit specifies
them in rst format.

Signed-off-by: SeongJae Park <sj38.park@xxxxxxxxx>
Documentation/HOWTO | 15 ++++++++++-----
1 file changed, 10 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

diff --git a/Documentation/HOWTO b/Documentation/HOWTO
index 5f042349f987..5cf6ea84a6f8 100644
--- a/Documentation/HOWTO
+++ b/Documentation/HOWTO
@@ -254,7 +254,8 @@ branches. These different branches are:
- the 4.x -next kernel tree for integration tests

4.x kernel tree
4.x kernels are maintained by Linus Torvalds, and can be found on
https://kernel.org in the pub/linux/kernel/v4.x/ directory. Its development
process is as follows:
@@ -289,7 +290,8 @@ mailing list about kernel releases:
preconceived timeline."*

4.x.y -stable kernel tree
Kernels with 3-part versions are -stable kernels. They contain
relatively small and critical fixes for security problems or significant
regressions discovered in a given 4.x kernel.
@@ -312,7 +314,8 @@ documents what kinds of changes are acceptable for the -stable tree, and
how the release process works.

4.x -git patches
These are daily snapshots of Linus' kernel tree which are managed in a
git repository (hence the name.) These patches are usually released
daily and represent the current state of Linus' tree. They are more
@@ -320,7 +323,8 @@ experimental than -rc kernels since they are generated automatically
without even a cursory glance to see if they are sane.

Subsystem Specific kernel trees and patches
The maintainers of the various kernel subsystems --- and also many
kernel subsystem developers --- expose their current state of
development in source repositories. That way, others can see what is
@@ -344,7 +348,8 @@ accepted, or rejected. Most of these patchwork sites are listed at

4.x -next kernel tree for integration tests
Before updates from subsystem trees are merged into the mainline 4.x
tree, they need to be integration-tested. For this purpose, a special
testing repository exists into which virtually all subsystem trees are