Re: [PATCH] brcmfmac: added LED triggers for transmit/receive

From: Russell Joyce
Date: Tue Jul 11 2017 - 11:01:30 EST

Thanks for your comments.

> What I think RafaÅ is saying is that it would be better to have this
> code in cfg80211 so other drivers including mac80211 could use it.

While I agree that moving all wireless LED triggers to cfg80211 would be an
ideal situation, it seems a bit out of scope for what I was trying to achieve.
This would probably also require removing the mac80211 LED triggers (and any
other similar triggers that might be created by specific wireless drivers not
using mac80211), in order to consolidate them in one place.

Besides this, I'm not sure where exactly in cfg80211 this functionality would
go (I assume it was originally put in mac80211 instead for a reason?),
although I'm certainly no expert in this area of the kernel.

> Indeed. However, the LED subsystem could/should(?) take care of mapping
> "rx" and "tx" triggers to the same LED.

In terms of the LED triggers, the only alternative I can see is to create a
single complex trigger that exposes "rx" and "tx" parameters that can be
individually enabled or disabled. This would reduce the number of triggers from
three to one, but also makes things slightly more awkward for the user, and
deviates from the convention set by mac80211.