Re: [PATCH v3 6/7] thermal/drivers/cpu_cooling: Introduce the cpu idle cooling driver

From: Daniel Lezcano
Date: Fri Oct 25 2019 - 10:45:50 EST

Hi Martin,

On 25/10/2019 13:22, Martin Kepplinger wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> Quick note: You're missing a kref_init() in this version of the cooling driver.
> Also, as already mentioned, set_freezable() doesn't seem to work without
> supporting suspend/resume.

Right, it is removed.

> And since cpuidle got somewhat completely reworked in 5.4, could you create
> a new, rebased version of this? Let me know in case I missed an earlier update.

Yes, I'm on it. There is a bug in the cpuidle registering I'm
investigating right now. If you want I can put a branch with the idle
injection cooling device as soon as it is fixed.

Note most of the patches are now merged. The cpuidle cooling device was
split into the idle injection mechanism in the drivers/powercap [1] and
the cooling device initialization which is the part to be merged.

The idle injection resolution was increased [2].

The idle state injection selection is currently in the review process [3].

The remaining part is the thermal cooling device itself which is a
separated cooling device from the existing cpu one.

-- Daniel


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