Re: 2.1.79 + latest smbfs patch

Bill Hawes (
Sat, 17 Jan 1998 13:03:17 -0500

David Burrows wrote:

> I just tried the above modification to <linux/smb_mount.h>, recompiled
> smbmnt, and lo and behold everything now works perfectly.. F@#$@ glibc2..
> :P
> How about someone update the mount tools and maybe that include file with
> #ifdefs for glibc2 so nobody else has to go through that.. :)

Glad to hear you've got things working!

> Another thought, why is there a smbmount and smbmnt.. it seems rather
> pointless as the only command smbmount supports is mount, which just calls
> smbmnt.. How about integrating smbmnt with smbmount like it originally was
> in 2.0.xx? Is this a feasable idea, I'm sure a quick hack could be
> whipped up.

I think they're separate because the smbmnt utility needs setuid root.
You want to minimize what such utilities can do. Anyway, it's
transparent to the the user -- just install the binaries and things
should work (barring glibc problems, of course.)

> How about the mount tool being able to automatically detect NT, 95, Samba,
> Wfw, etc, and being able to enable workarounds automatically. :) That is
> a bit much to ask though because we arn't really sure which workarounds
> solve which problems yet.

It's possible, but note that only Win 95 needs special treatment. For
the other SMB servers (so far at least, wait til Win NT 5 and Win 98
come out), just knowing the protocol level is sufficient.