Re: FRV-setup: Clarification for "source code clean-up"?

From: SF Markus Elfring
Date: Fri Oct 21 2016 - 05:50:39 EST

> How are you going to fix bugs if you only send clean ups?

I would prefer an other wording than "only" in your question.

I imagine that probabilities and views will matter more for the handling
of a software error spectrum.

>> How do you think about to discuss corresponding software development
>> statistics in more detail?
> I think normal developers should fix 10 bugs or add a few features for
> every regression they introduce.

Are you looking for compensation possibilities?

> I introduced a regression just last week, so that's a normal part of life,

Thanks that you could also admit a programming mistake.

> but I was at least *trying* to fix a bug when I did it.

I am also trying to improve various software.

* We have got just different development opinions about the relevance
of some changes. Can such a disagreement be a useful source for
interesting ideas?

* We are used to inform further contributors about results from static
source code analysis.
These tools can find a bunch of open issues because of the automatic
application of special search patterns. The importance of such findings
will vary as usual.