From: David Abula
Date: Mon Feb 17 2020 - 06:26:03 EST

Good day,
Please accept my sincere congratulations and I know this message may
come toyou as a surprise, but I advise you to read with good
understanding. I am Barrister David Abula, fromTogo. Therefore, there
is a certain amount of funds $ 11.7 million that wasleft by my late
client, is a citizen of your country, who died a few years agohere in
my country; can I trust you to work with you to transfer the
totalamount of $ 11.7 million into your account in your country? and
after we willshare the total fund 50 % to 50 %.Moreover, my wife is
sickÂand I need tofly her to Hospital in Abroad, therefore, i want to
get to success of thistransaction so that i can go further with the
treatment of my wife so If youare interested to cooperate with me, I
will advise you to respond back to me inmy email address or you
provide to me your email address to enable me send youthe fullÂdetails
about the transaction, so that you can read and come to agood
understanding with me. Reply me on my email address
(davidabulatg2@xxxxxxxxx) Thank you and I wait for your immediate
Lawyer David Abula
Phone: +22890712188davidabulatg2@xxxxxxxxx