Re: [PATCH] drivers: connector: cn_proc: allow limiting certain messages

From: Evgeniy Polyakov
Date: Tue Feb 18 2020 - 11:53:13 EST

18.02.2020, 19:30, "Daniel Walker (danielwa)" <danielwa@xxxxxxxxx>:

> It's multicast and essentially broadcast messages .. So everyone gets every
> message, and once it's on it's likely it won't be turned off. Given that, It seems
> appropriate that the system administrator has control of what messages if any
> are sent, and it should effect all listening for messages.
> I think I would agree with you if this was unicast, and each listener could tailor
> what messages they want to get. However, this interface isn't that, and it would
> be considerable work to convert to that.

Connector has message/channel ids, you can implement this rate limiting scheme per user/socket.

This is probably not required if given cn_proc usecase - is it some central authority
which needs or doesn't need some messages? If so, it can not be bad to have a central switch.

But I also heard that container management tools are using this, in this case disabling some
things globally will suddenly break them.