Re: [PATCH v6 16/19] fuse: Convert from readpages to readahead

From: Dave Chinner
Date: Tue Feb 18 2020 - 22:22:31 EST

On Mon, Feb 17, 2020 at 10:46:09AM -0800, Matthew Wilcox wrote:
> From: "Matthew Wilcox (Oracle)" <willy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Use the new readahead operation in fuse. Switching away from the
> read_cache_pages() helper gets rid of an implicit call to put_page(),
> so we can get rid of the get_page() call in fuse_readpages_fill().
> Signed-off-by: Matthew Wilcox (Oracle) <willy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Looks OK.

Reviewed-by: Dave Chinner <dchinner@xxxxxxxxxx>
Dave Chinner