Re: [LKP] Re: [perf/x86] 81ec3f3c4c: will-it-scale.per_process_ops -5.5% regression

From: Feng Tang
Date: Fri Feb 21 2020 - 03:03:36 EST

On Wed, Feb 05, 2020 at 01:58:04PM +0100, Peter Zijlstra wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 05, 2020 at 08:32:16PM +0800, kernel test robot wrote:
> > Greeting,
> >
> > FYI, we noticed a -5.5% regression of will-it-scale.per_process_ops due to commit:
> >
> >
> > commit: 81ec3f3c4c4d78f2d3b6689c9816bfbdf7417dbb ("perf/x86: Add check_period PMU callback")
> > master
> >
> I'm fairly sure this bisect/result is bogus.

Hi Peter,

Some updates:

We checked more on this. We run 14 times test for it, and the
results are consistent about the 5.5% degradation, and we
run the same test on several other platforms, whose test results
are also consistent, though there are no such -5.5% seen.

We are also curious that the commit seems to be completely not
relative to this scalability test of signal, which starts a task
for each online CPU, and keeps calling raise(), and calculating
the run numbers.

One experiment we did is checking which part of the commit
really affects the test, and it turned out to be the change of
"struct pmu". Effectively, applying this patch upon 5.0-rc6
which triggers the same regression.

diff --git a/include/linux/perf_event.h b/include/linux/perf_event.h
index 1d5c551..e1a0517 100644
--- a/include/linux/perf_event.h
+++ b/include/linux/perf_event.h
@@ -447,6 +447,11 @@ struct pmu {
* Filter events for PMU-specific reasons.
int (*filter_match) (struct perf_event *event); /* optional */
+ /*
+ * Check period value for PERF_EVENT_IOC_PERIOD ioctl.
+ */
+ int (*check_period) (struct perf_event *event, u64 value); /* optional */

So likely, this commit changes the layout of the kernel text
and data, which may trigger some cacheline level change. From
the system map of the 2 kernels, a big trunk of symbol's address
changes which follow the global "pmu",


ffffffff8221d000 d pmu
ffffffff8221d100 d pmc_reserve_mutex
ffffffff8221d120 d amd_f15_PMC53
ffffffff8221d160 d amd_f15_PMC50


ffffffff8221d000 d pmu
ffffffff8221d120 d pmc_reserve_mutex
ffffffff8221d140 d amd_f15_PMC53
ffffffff8221d180 d amd_f15_PMC50

But we can hardly identify which exact symbol is responsible
for the change, as too many symbols are offseted.

btw, we've seen similar case that an irrelevant commit changes
the benchmark, like a hugetlb patch improves pagefault test on
a platform that never uses hugetlb


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